10 Most Evil Women in History of the World

Throughout history, there have been individuals who have committed heinous crimes that have left a lasting impact on society. While notorious female criminals are relatively few in numbers compared to their male counterparts, their actions have undeniably shocked and intrigued the world.

In this blog article, we will delve into the depths of darkness and shed light on ten of the most evil women to have ever walked the earth. From child serial killers to sadistic torturers, their stories are chilling reminders of the darkness that can reside within the human soul.

Here Are The Most Evil Women in History

1. Elizabeth Bathory

Elizabeth Bathory, often referred to as the “Blood Countess,” carries the blood-soaked legacy of her crimes. Born in Hungary in 1560, Bathory’s obsession with maintaining her youth led her down a horrifying path. She is accused of torturing and killing hundreds of young girls, often bathing in their blood in a grotesque attempt to retain her own beauty.

10 most Evil Women in History of the World (Updated 2023)

2. Katherine Knight

Known as the first Australian woman to be sentenced to life imprisonment without parole, Katherine Knight’s crimes were nothing short of shocking. In 2000, she murdered and skinned her partner, then cooked parts of his body and planned to serve them to his children.

10 most Evil Women in History of the World (Updated 2023)

3. Ilse Koch

Ilse Koch, commonly known as the “Bitch of Buchenwald,” was a Nazi concentration camp overseer during World War II. She gained a reputation for her sadistic treatment of prisoners, even going as far as to have their tattoos made into lampshades.10 most Evil Women in History of the World (Updated 2023)

4. Mary Ann Cotton

A Victorian-era serial killer, Mary Ann Cotton is believed to have claimed the lives of up to 21 individuals, including her own children and husbands. She used various methods, such as arsenic poisoning, to commit her crimes, leaving a trail of death and devastation behind her.

10 most Evil Women in History of the World (Updated 2023)

5. Belle Gunness

Dubbed “Lady Bluebeard,” Belle Gunness was an American serial killer who used lonely hearts advertisements to lure men to her farm. Once they arrived, she would rob and murder them, burying their dismembered bodies in her hog pen.

10 most Evil Women in History of the World (Updated 2023)

6. Queen Mary I of England

While queens are often associated with grace and dignity, Queen Mary I of England, also known as “Bloody Mary,” earned her dark reputation through acts of religious persecution. During her short reign, she executed hundreds of Protestants, earning her place in history as one of the cruelest monarchs.

10 most Evil Women in History of the World (Updated 2023)

7. Beverly Allitt

Known as the “Angel of Death,” Beverly Allitt was a British nurse who gained pleasure from harming and killing young children under her care. Throughout the early 1990s, she committed a series of murders and attacks on patients, leaving a trail of devastation and grief in her wake.

10 most Evil Women in History of the World (Updated 2023)

8. Isabella of Castile

Isabella of Castile, a powerful monarch during the Spanish Inquisition, is known for her role in persecuting those who did not conform to Catholicism. Her policies and actions resulted in the expulsion of Jews and torture and execution of those accused of heresy.

10 most Evil Women in History of the World (Updated 2023)

9. Myra Hindley

Infamously known as one half of the notorious “Moors Murderers,” Myra Hindley and her partner, Ian Brady, tortured and murdered five young children in the 1960s. Their horrific crimes shocked the world and left a lasting scar on British society.

10 most Evil Women in History of the World (Updated 2023)

10. Irma Grese

A female SS guard at Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps, Irma Grese reveled in her role as a sadistic overseer. Known for her brutal treatment and torture of prisoners, she gained a reputation as one of the most ruthless figures of the Holocaust.

10 most Evil Women in History of the World (Updated 2023)


These ten women, through their acts of cruelty and darkness, have left an indelible mark on history. Their crimes serve as chilling reminders of the evil that can lurk within individuals, regardless of gender. While it may be tempting to sensationalize or glorify their actions, it is crucial to remember the victims who suffered at their hands and honor their memory.

By understanding the depths of human capability for both good and evil, we can strive for a better and more compassionate society.

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